The most important tour in the UAE


Let’s discuss the major attractions and activities in Dubai.

Major attractions in Dubai:
There are a lot of Dubai attractions that one should visit in their Dubai tour. Let me talk about the major ones below.

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Sheikh Zayed Road:
This is a very famous road in Dubai. All the beautiful places come within this road. One should definitely go for a road trip on this road in the Dubai Tour.

Burj Al Arab:
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Burj Khalifa:
This is a very famous building to ever exist in the UAE. This building gives you an experience of seeing Dubai with a major height. You will fall in love with Dubai after seeing Dubai night view from the top floor of Burj Khalifa.

Palm Jumeirah:
This a very beautiful island which has all kinds of resorts present here.

Dubai Creek:
Want to see the famous harborwhich has played a very important role in making Dubai developed? Book your deal now for Dubai tour and explore it.

Dubai Museum:
This museum is a very old one, which showcases how Dubai used to look like before development.

Historical Bastakiya:
This is a very famous place in Dubai. Just like the Dubai museum it also displays how old Dubai looked like, but in a colorful manner.

A hotel which is located near Jumeirah beach.

Jumeirah beach:
Want to see the most beautiful beach in Dubai? Come to Jumeirah beach and fall in love with its white sand and beauty that it has to offer to its people.

Activities to be done in Dubai Tour:
Like the Dubaiattractions, there are some activities in Dubai that are worth doing and experiencing. Let me tell you about each activity in Dubai below.

As you know that Dubai is very famous for having huge shopping malls. Despite the fact that pricesare very high but still people prefer shopping from Dubai malls because of the best quality it provides. So, I can say that shopping is the best activity that one can do in their Dubai Tour.

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Visit the deserts:
Deserts of Dubai are very famous because of its vastness and the activities itoffers to its tourists. People who come to Dubai for them visiting a desert is a must thing to do. You should also visit the desert of Dubai in your Dubai Tour.

Cruise dinner:
Among all the activities in Dubai, this is the best one to be done in Dubai. Having dinner in the middle of the river is the best kind of experience one could have.

Jet skiing:
Rent a jet ski from us and get some training regarding jet skiing and go for it.

So these were the activities that you should go for.

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